Our designers have many years of experience with kitchen and bathroom layout and design. They will help you through this process from initial measure (contractors and DIY's may provide your own measurements) through final design phases. Once you know your style and color theme, they can also help guide you through color and style selections.


Although the majority of our team are employees of The Kitchen Post, we also utilize some of our hand-picked sub-contractors for specific work to be done. Our sub-contractors have long-term partnering relationships with us spanning many years—decades in some cases—so we can insure our customers the best possible job. All sub-contractors are licensed and insured as required by the State of California Contract's License Board.

Project Manager

The project manager supervises your project on site, coordinating and collaborating with the architects, designers, and sub-contractors to adhere to your project's timeline. When delays or problems occur, the construction manager is the project's first responder, ready to make the changes required to move the project past the issue.

Office Manager

Our office manager will most likely be your first contact at The Kitchen Post. They are the person in charge of taking calls and redirecting you to whomever your need to speak with at The Kitchen Post. The also arrange deliveries and sort out any scheduling conflicts that may arise.



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