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As a free complementary service, when you schedule an appointment with us, we will offer you a free estimate and computer generated ​3-D elevation drawing​.

As you progress to the learning stage, you begin to understand what's available and what options may (or may not) be possible in your financial plan. The diagram above illustrates how you can slide back into the dream phase, with an increased knowledge of what's possible.

Now comes the design phase where the connection between you and The Kitchen Post begins to take shape. You are beginning to understand the complexities of the process. You start to consider what types of woods are available and what finishes define your style. The world of storage solutions opens up, alone with countless other options. This is the beginning of the fun phase, where you get to choose all those storage solutions you've always longed for!

The rest of the fun part, select, follows design. Final designs are agreed upon and you commit to the kitchen purchase. Based on the experience you have had by this point, this is either a sigh of relief that the process is complete or a shout of excitement as you look forward to the rest of your venture.

The final two phases, build and use, encompasses the installation and use of the kitchen.

We hope this has helped you understand our role and how we can work together through your Remodeling Journey to make your new kitchen a reality. We look forward to meeting with you!


The Design Team at The Kitchen Post

The Remodeling Journey

Every homeowner preparing to remodel progresses through the remodeling journey similar to what we have outlined in the diagram below.

Beginning with the dreaming stage, you begin to explore the world of kitchen remodeling. During this phase, you typically spend time looking through magazines, searching the internet, and generally gathering information as you begin to define your style.



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